Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ross Kemp

'Chin Up'
by Nick Anderson


Paul said...

No offence to the folder, but am I the only one that was slightly disappointed by this fold? Or should I be appreciating the subtelty? After the greatness of 'Brundlefly'and 'Blair', I can't help feeling that this one lacks a certain something.

Keep on foldin'.

mattdash said...

I was also left mildly distressed by this fold. Perhaps I am also not appreciating the subtlety of the fold, but as a personal friend of the creator of 'Blair' (and having witnessed said fold in person) I am left distinctly wanting. This fold somewhat reminds me of the time that I visited the Guggenheim in Berlin; 6 euros to get in, and nothing but art that could have been achieved by a 4 year with learning disabilities.

Clare said...

That looks like my Grandad.